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MST Camp 2024
MST Camp 2024
Jul 29, 2024, 9:00 AM EDT
Dupont Manual High School

NJSHS 2023 Winners

The following students won at Symposium competition in February to represent Kentucky!

Vedha Balamurugan

Richard Lian

Summer Li

Amy Chen

Please congratulate them! 


ISEF 2023

The following students represented Kentucky at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta.  Congratulations to these duPont Manual Students!!! 

Zahra Chasmawala, Valerie Mohrmann ENEV003 - Evaluating Chemically Enhanced Natural Materials for Oil Spill Cleanup

Jilly Choi ROBO003 - Cost-Effective Robotic Arm Prosthesis Integrating Haptic Feedback, EMG Bands, FDM 3D Printing, and Novel Grasp-Type Auto Assistance Using Machine Vision

Justin Huang CHEM014 - Predicting Omicron COVID-19 Positivity using Breath Samples

Sai Javvadi CBIO002 - SquidNet: A Novel GAN-based Architecture for Histopathological Color Normalization

Richard Lian ETSD006 - Decentralized, Autonomous Drone Swarms for Real-Time Mapping Applications and Natural Disaster Relief

Zita Nguyen MCRO018 - The Effect of Distance on Bacteria Growth from Hot Air Drying Machines

Rishabh Ranjan, Gopalaniruddh Tadinada ENBM008 - BioSpec: A Low-Cost Pipeline for Non-Invasive Gastrointestinal Cancer Screening Utilizing miRNA Fluorescence Spectroscopy with High-Efficacy Support Vector Networks

 Vallabh Ramesh MATS016 - 4-D Printed Shape Memory Polymer Compositions for Industrial And Robotic Applications

Fun at MST Camp

Fun at SciOly Camp

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A Special Welcome to our new MST students, for the  Class of 2028!

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