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NJSHS 2022 Winners

The following students won at Symposium competition in February to represent Kentucky!

Shraman Kar

Luke Mo

Swetha Senthil Nathan

Alex Heironimus

Please congratulate them! 

No upcoming events at the moment

ISEF 2022

The following students represented Kentucky at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta.  Congratulations to these duPont Manual Students!!! 

Spandana Pavuluri
An Application of Machine Learning on Predicting the Presence of Retinopathy Among Diabetic Patients

Gopalaniruddh Tadinada, Rishabh Ranjan
Development of a Low-Cost Holistic System for the Stratified Screening of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma utilizing Urinary miRNA Biomarkers.

Gokul Achaththekoot
The Effect of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds on Inducing or Aggravating Skin Cancer in Melanoma Skin Cancer Cells

Amy Chen
A Wearable Device to Measure and Correct Unhealthy Back Posture

Jilly Choi
Designing a Robotic Arm Prosthesis with the Integration of FDM 3D printing, Haptic Feedback, and FSRs

Aiden Vilo, Ishani Kulkarni

The Effects of Lonicera Maackii on Local Understory

Fun at MST Camp

Fun at SciOly Camp

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A Special Welcome to our new MST students, for the  Class of 2026!

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